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Happy Child Happy Home Front CoverHappy Child, Happy Home: Conscious Parenting and Creative Discipline is full of ideas to raise happy children and create happy homes. Each chapter centres on suggestions to foster a strong parent and child bond, helping any family home become more harmonious.

Chapters include positive daily rhythms, fantastic yearly festivals, magical storytelling and craft ideas, and the importance of imaginative play in childhood. Lou delves beneath the surface to share children’s twelve senses, seven life processes and four temperaments. In addition there is a sure-to-be popular new chapter on creative discipline, plus tips from Dad and real life stories and reflections.

Happy Child, Happy Home is filled with practical and inspiring ideas to make ordinary family moments extraordinary.

Would you like to…

Fill each day with special positive moments during morning wakeup, meal times and bed times?

Make sure that your child has a ‘childhood’, with a rich world of imaginative play?

Bring smiles with craft, birthdays and stories, which create and weave magic?

Understand your child through increased knowledge of the four temperament types, and twelve senses?

Learn practical and inspiring tips to transform behaviours in a positive manner?

Happy Child, Happy Home is here to inspire… Go to kart

Happy Child, Happy Home: Conscious and Creative Parenting is a beautifully written, practical and sensitive approach to parenting young children. As a parent and paediatrician I have found it invaluable.’ Elisa Rough (paediatrician and parent)

‘It is the most accessible and inspiring book on parenting that I have read for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend it.’ Carol Liknaitzy (parent of 5, grandparent, early childhood Steiner teacher training facilitator in Melbourne and South Africa)

‘I really enjoyed Happy Child, Happy Home: Conscious and Creative Parenting, it showed me so many rich, practical ideas to create a harmonious, happy and secure family environment – so thank you!’ Kathryn Early (parent)


middle turning tears coverTurning Tears into Laughter: Creative Discipline during the Toddler and Preschool Years is presently OUT OF STOCK

“Best Parenting Book I have ever read!” Sally Jones (Mother of two)

Turning Tears into Laughter will lighten the load and enlighten the mind.” John Allison (teacher, consultant and author).

turning tears Turning Tears into Laughter is a unique book in today’s parenting book market, covering the popular topic of the toddler and preschool years. Each chapter leads parents to a greater understanding of children’s behaviours and how to achieve appropriate behaviours in a positive and creative manner. Turning Tears into Laughter covers most, if not all, areas where toddler tantrums and tears are common, from bath time to bed time, sharing toys to car journeys. Creative Discipline techniques can transform ‘tears into laughter’, holding the power to positively change family life.

Turning Tears into Laughter includes tried and tested real life stories, tips, reflections, and beautiful photographs to create for the reader an easy reading and practical appeal. Turning Tears into Laughter is split into three, easy to read sections. The first second lays the foundation for a happy child. The areas of positive rhythms, imaginative play ideas, food and behaviour, and asking the question ‘why?’ are covered. Section two covers all the different creative discipline tools: redirecting into an appropriate play choice or situation, and changing the environment around the child to successfully change the challenging behaviour are two out of the eight positive chapters. The final section covers all the common toddler tantrum scenarios, with valuable creative tips on every aspect of daily life. It also outlines how to start a creative discipline diary at home.

“Unique and powerful, a real life Mum with real life strategies and answers. Put the ideas from this book into motion and improve your family’s life.” Bridy (co-author of ‘Low to No Additives Family Cookbook’) and Gary Fulvio

“This is one book parents will take off the shelf over and over again. ” Mandy Abbot (Rudolf Steiner kindergarten teacher)