Creative Discipline Book

Would you like to transform behaviours in a positive manner? Lou’s book ‘Turning Tears into Laughter: Creative Discipline for the Toddler and Preschool Years’ (Five Mile press) will show you how. Available from this site ($12.95 plus $2 postage) Contact Lou, bookshops and libraries.

Learn positive parenting tools to help reduce tantrums, create a more relaxed child-parent relationship and teach children skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Everyday challenging scenarios will be covered to transform ‘tears into laughter’ in family homes. Find out how to deal with common issues like bedtime, mealtimes, sharing, car journeys and much more…

Parent feedback:
 “Best parenting book I have ever read” Sally Jones (mother of two)

“It is the most practical and inspiring book on parenting that I have read. I would not hesitate to recommend it.” Carol Liknaitzy (Early childhood teacher training university lecturer RMIT, Rudolf Steiner teacher, parent of 5, grandparent)

“Almost immediately we saw positive results in his behaviour. (Jacqui Holland, parent)