How top set up a Seasonal Table

Seasonal table ideas

It is through a seasonal table that your family can connect with the earth and the natural rhythm of the year. A seasonal table at home is a special area to represent the season and a place to display nature’s treasures. Children love to be a part of the creating and changing of a seasonal table.

A special place

The seasonal table can be a shelf, small table, or a window ledge. Look for a suitable place in your home. An old second hand table is fine. A collection of colored cloths and cards will begin your seasonal table.

Colored cloths

Place a colored cloth on the table, then hang another lighter cloth from a hook on the wall, this provides a lovely back drop. These cloths set a soft and lovely scene of color for the special nature place. The cloth colors represent the season on the table. Spring colors include the greens of new grass, and pinks and peaches of blossom. The summer colors represent the yellows and blues of the beach and the bright sun. Autumn colors can be brown, red and orange, the shades of falling leaves. Finally, winter colors may include ice blue for the sky and white and dark brown for the earth and snow.

Look out for lovely pieces of material or tablecloths in second hand shops. The scene has been set…

Ideas for all four seasons

Onto the table place a vase of flowers, blossom branches or a flowering shrub, for spring time. Blossom fairies and butterflies can be lovingly made – using seasonal craft book ideas – to hang on the blossom branches. Bird’s nests can be placed on the table, as well as toy animals with their springtime babies. Children can collect flowers and blossoms for the springtime seasonal table.

During summer time it is lovely to place a selection of sea shells, perhaps a few fish in a bowl or some fabric fish in a pretend cloth sea. A summer vase of flowers adds beauty and wonder to the seasonal table.

My favorite season is autumn. The earth abounds with nature’s gifts; lovely leaves, tree nuts and pieces of wood. Place them on the season table and hide amongst them gnomes to find there – in secret places! For the winter seasonal table, in a vase bare branches can be covered with golden cardboard or sewn stars to represent the darker evenings. Crystals and stones symbolize the gnome’s busy underground, when all is quiet and bare on the earth.

A seasonal table will bring magic into your homes and hearts. Children and adults alike ‘wake-up’ to the changing faces of the seasons around them. This can bring a love, respect and awe for the natural world on planet earth. It is a miracle!

Ages and stages!

Young children tend to play with a seasonal table and it can get quite messy. Keep it simple at this age. Let them collect special treasures (but remember to respect the codes of National Parks). Your child will need your guidance and help to set up the table. As your child grows older, you may turn your back one day and the table is set. Little fingers have created magic!