Winterwonder Craft – Bird Feeder

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Children love this craft activity as a yearly rhythm (and so do the birds!). Have a go to bring a smile to a child’s face and a caring attitude towards our feathered friends. Do you have a pine cone at home, if you find some lying around in nature from now on keep them for this special winter craft activity. If no pine cones available, an interesting piece of wood will do, or even a empty toilet roll.

You will need: a pine cone (or wood or toilet roll), jar of peanut butter (if nut allergies, honey will also be fine to use instead of peanut butter), butter knife or spatula, bird seed (bag from supermarket), and a bowl or tray.

Note: tie wool, string or pipe cleaner on first, to hang the bird feeder. It will be messy to tie the string on at the end. Let your child have fun spreading the peanut butter (honey) all over the pine cone, then roll in the birdseed (put seed in bowl or tray so less messy) to cover the pine cone in seed. Tie to a garden tree branch or fence (preferably one you can see out of the window). The birds eat their winter treat, and when pecked clean, you can repeat this craft activity again!