Kid Craft Ideas

Craft not only supports a healthy brain function, it nourishes the heart and soul. Craft activities can stimulate feelings of wonder, joy, imagination, and centeredness in a young child (and adult!). Fundamentally craft enables the child to be a creator in this world. To create is a soul aspiration.

Choose craft ideas that will last the test of time, not something that will end up broken in the bin or forgotten shortly afterwards (craft is not necessarily sticking toilet rolls to cereal boxes!). Choose activities that really inspire the young child: natural treasures are a special craft resource.

Wonderful seasonal craft books include Earthwise[1] by Carol Petrash; The Children’s Year[2] by Stephanie Cooper, Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marye Rowling; and The Big Summer Activity[3] Book by Anne and Peter Thomas. Little gum nut people, leaf windows and crowns can be made in autumn. In winter working with wool means creating a pom pom, and a pine kernel bird feeder can be fun. In summer, leaf boats and gardening tasks inspire little hands. The spring time wind plays with hand-made kites and ribbon wands.

Craft can be cooking, gardening, wood work (start with an old log and pot of nails and hamer – under your supervision), seasonal craft ideas from books, painting/drawing, and craft kits. Try to go along with your child’s interests, see what they love to do (not what you may like them to do). My son loves to cook; my daughter craft, both enjoy gardening.  Include craft into your weekly rhythm. A time set to craft each week can work wonders. If the intention is to craft on Mondays then the weeks (and months and years) do not pass by and you have not been ‘crafty and clever’ together!

However, craft can push buttons too! Glue does not stick, and the end result does not look like the picture on the book. It can be a good medium to learn patience and resilience! Remember it is the process, not the end product that counts. Who wants perfection, when it is made with love!

Do not feel that you are not ‘crafty’; it can be fun to learn alongside your child! Buy a special environmental craft book (as seen above) and choose one or two craft activities a season to enjoy together. It is fun to keep materials in a special craft basket, to bring to the table when inspired. The following two articles in this segment cover ideas for cooking, gardening, and simple crafts. Give your child the gift of craft at home; it is a very special gift. Craft ideas will appear in my NEWSLETTER for your family to enjoy each month.

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