Craft Gardening Kid

Include ‘gardening time’ in your children’s life; it is good for their soul! A wheelbarrow, shovel, gloves, a little watering can and some vegetable seedlings can make a lovely Christmas or birthday present. A child’s vegetable patch can be small, even a few pots. Find somewhere that young children can experience dirt on their hands and the secret gift of seeds and the plant kingdom in their hearts! For a child, it can be magical to plant a bulb in a pot and to watch it grow. Remember to mulch, a water saving activity.

Plant an indoor bulb in a pot (autumn time), a daffodil or iris, water as directed and watch it grow on the window sill or dining room table (it’s like magic!).

Plant some lettuce seedlings and water with recycled bath water (in a little watering can), pick and eat for tea.

Plant a fruit tree in a pot or the garden. Your child’s special tree (carry a bucket out from the bath each time) and watch it grow.

Read story books about the earth and her gifts, this will encourage a child to explore the natural world too.

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