Easy Kid Crafts

Craft kits

There are free craft ideas every month in my NEWSLETTER (sign up on Home Page). Also, look at the ‘Posts’, further down this website for plenty of ideas for easy crafts to try at home.  Remember that gardening and cooking are home craft tasks.

There are wonderful craft kits available that use wood, paper and wool, and also kits to make soaps, candles, paper flowers and wooden cars. A flower press can mean that book marks and cards can be made easily by a young child. I always try to include a craft kit in my children’s birthday and Christmas present pile. My family can then be ‘crafty and clever’ together during the festive time.


For children, a little sewing kit is also fun. Try using hessian material: it comes with holes in it, and is easy to sew! Buy special blunt needles with a big eye so wool – instead of cotton – can be used. Your young child is now ready to sew around the shape of a fish or animal. These home made toys can ‘live’ in the play corner. The resource list has suppliers of needles, wool and Hessian for simple sewing projects. As the saying goes, “Nimble fingers, nimble minds”. For older children, sewing felt animal kits are available, what a treasure.


Be conscious of the drawing tools that you buy for a young child. At first they will be bitten and chewed! Timing is important. Felt tip pens come in plastic coatings (unsustainable) and dry out easily. Crayons are better. The young child’s pencil grip is not yet developed to hold a thin felt tip or pencil correctly. The best crayons that I have used are Stockmar crayons (see Great Goods). They come as a block crayon in a range of pure colours, and are made from beeswax (totally non toxic). Stockmar block crayons can be used in very clever ways! The long side of the crayon shades easily, the point can be used to draw with.

The beautiful rich, pure colours and the smell of beeswax on finger tips, affects both children – and their parents – in a positive way. Crayons made of petrochemical oils and emulsifiers are a poor substitute for quality, not to mention harmful to the environment.

Art is not about drawing perfect pictures, it is about experiencing colour and movement. All children scribble in spirals and circles. A child’s drawing of a person develops slowly, in their own unique time. Try not to sit next to your child and draw pictures for them to copy or use. They will state that your picture is better than theirs and that they cannot draw! Let children observe the world around them and draw from their own observations and imagination. Art is about experiencing colour and having fun, it is not about perfect pictures. Let your child be free to experiment. In all craft pursuits do not aim for perfection; aim for ‘love’ and non-judgment. The joy of truly creating!

Place crayons and paper in a basket and bring it to the table from time to time, throughout the week. If you leave art equipment out permanently in the play corner, walls may well get drawn on! Drawing using big chalk outside, if you have a paved area, can be fun. It washes off easily in the rain.

Craft gifts

It is special for young children to make their own presents and cards for people in their lives. People generally love to receive home-made gifts in this fast paced, commercialised world. Easy ideas include: baking biscuits and cakes; making your own wrapping paper out of paintings; creating cards out of drawings and pressed flowers. Christmas and birthdays are a great time to involve your children in home-made cards and small gift activities. Creating time for craft means slowing down and spending time at home, a good thing!