Free Kid Crafts In The Kitchen

Cooking is a special activity for children, try and include a special cooking time each week with your young child. It is also very easy to ask children to help with each meal to chop or stir! Children can cook special treats for the biscuit tin once a week and for loved ones at Christmas time and other occasions. Remember a child’s cooking apron and little utensils, which little hands love! Here are a couple of easy recipes to get you started. Cooking recipes will often be included SkipToMyLou NEWSLETTER (sign up for some inspiring recipes for children), there are other recipes if you look in the Posts at the bottom of the main page (Pretzel dough is a must-do recipe), but here are two to try:


2 cups of self-raising flour

¼ tsp of salt

¾ cup of plain yogurt

1 cup of milk

3tbsp of sunflower oil

Preheat oven at 220 c.

Place flour into a bowl with salt and make a well in the centre.

Mix the yogurt with the milk and oil and add to the centre of the well.

Stir quickly with a round bladed knife to make into dough, add more flour if too sticky and more milk of too dry.

Heap a table spoon of dough into your hand and roll into a ball, place on an oiled baking tray.

Bake until turning brown (15mins approx),

Slice in half and eat with butter and jam (yum!). These scones are easy to make and always a winner with visitors.

Anzac Biscuits

1 cup of plain flour

1 cup of rolled oats

1 cup of desiccated coconut

1 cup of brown sugar

½ cup of butter

2 tbsp of golden syrup or honey

1tsp of bicarbonate of soda

2tbsp of boiling water

Combine the flour, oats, coconut and sugar in a bowl.

Melt the butter and golden syrup or honey in a saucepan over a low heat.

Mix the bicarbonate of soda with the water and add to the butter/honey mix.

Pour liquids into the dry ingredients and mix well.

Spoon small drops of mixture – the size of a walnut shell – onto a greased baking tin, leaving room to spread.

Bake in a moderate oven, 180c for 15 to 20 minas

Cool on a wire rack- enjoy!