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Ghilgai Steiner School (Kilsyth, Melbourne), a talk on Understanding The Four Temperaments on Monday 20th March, 7.30pm to 9pm. See the child, hear the child, know the child and strength family bonds through understanding temperaments, all welcome.

Melbourne workshop  on Sunday 30th April at Optimal Health and Wellness Centre in Balwyn, 10.30am to 3.30pm. Cost $95 and $150 couple. For bookings and a flyer contact or phone me on 0425 780 681

Ashburton Library, 154 High St, Ashburton, Vic 3147, on Monday 1st May, 7pm to 8.15pm. A free event, sponsored by the library on Creative Discipline, Connected Family. Learn many practical and inspiring ideas to transform challenges into positive outcomes. All welcome!

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Would you like to transform behaviour in a positive manner? Learn tools to create more relaxed and connected parent and child relationships, and teach children skills that will help them throughout their lives. Creative Discipline is an inspiring and practical workshop for parents with young children. Time for questions to end.

Lou Harvey-Zahra’s method, Creative Discipline, helps to solve challenges and trying moments whilst fostering positive life skills and connections. Offering numerous real-life examples and answers to commonly asked questions, this is a helpful workshop from the author of the best-selling Happy Child, Happy Home and Creative Discipline, Connected Family (Floris Books). Not to be missed!

Feedback:“Lou Harvey-Zahra’s workshops and books offer simple and practical tools you can put into practice the next day and see the results. I did!” (Maxime Urquhart, parent)

“Thanks so much for the great workshop yesterday Lou. I have had a wonderful day today with our two boys implementing the fresh ideas. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and kindness in such a humble and easy to understand manner.” (Stef Mustac, parent)

“Thank you Lou. My boys are 4 and 2 and your ideas have helped me so much, I can’t even begin to tell you, or thank you enough!” Emma Gilmartin (parent)

“Thanks for a great workshop last Saturday – you have such a refreshingly clear approach, with plenty of humour to keep things in perspective. “

“If only there were more people like Lou and this type of education could reach all parents… The world would be a better place”

Lou to you! Contact Lou for her to visit your area

Lou runs regular Happy Chid, Happy Home: Conscious Parenting and/or Creative Discipline parenting talks at kindergarten, libraries, childcare centres, mother’s group and playgroup venues around Melbourne. She is available to bring the above parenting evening to your individual group location (for a reasonable fee). This is an inspiring talk and has been very well received. Lou is bookings AGMs at present! Please Contact Lou  for more details.

An outline of the evening:

Happy Child, Happy Home: Creative Discipline (and Conscious Parenting eking too, just ask!). This evening talk will include the following ideas:

  • Lay the foundation for a happy child through daily rhythms, play and healthy food choices;
  • Ask the question ‘Why?’ to gain an understanding of your child’s motives and needs, during trying moments;
  • Re-direct the child into an appropriate play choice or situation;
  • Change the environment around the child to successfully transform challenging behaviour;
  • Use creative speech for the word ‘no’, to create a win-win situation, whilst the outcome is still within the parent’s hands;
  • Create giggles and games in challenging moments (life does not have to be so serious);
  • Present a choice between two options, to hold the boundaries, whilst lessening tears and tantrums;
  • The importance of being a positive role–model for your children to follow;
  • The ‘quiet removal’ if all else fails.
  • Learn the above tools to ’turn tears into laughter’ in your home, and remain connected together. Real life examples are given throughout each area.

The evening will end with time for questions in regards to everyday trying moments; having a bath to leaving a park, sharing with others to meal times (and so much more…) This is a practical and inspiring evening that can create positive changes in your home.

Lou Harvey-Zahra is a mother, special needs, primary and Rudolf Steiner teacher and parenting author. Her first book Turning Tears into Laughter: Creative Discipline for the Toddler and Preschool Years is out-of-stock, Lou’s third book is now available, Creative Discipline, Connected Family: Transforming Tears, Tantrums and Troubles While Staying Close to Your Children (Floris Books). Lou’s second book is a bestseller, Happy Child, Happy Home: Conscious Parenting and Creative Discipline (Floris Books, UK, 2014). Both books are available from this website, all online book stores and shops.
Contact Lou for enquiries

Creative Discipline Connected Family




City Venue Date Time Notes Tickets Map Event
Ghilgai School, Kilsyth (Melbourne)Ghilgai School (Kilsyth)20/03/177:30pmMapUnderstanding Temperaments Talk
MelbourneBalwyn (Melbourne)30/04/1710:30amMapCreative Discipline Workshop
AshburtonAshburton Library 01/05/177:00pmMapCreative Discipline, Connected Family Book Talk
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