Importance of Storytelling

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Enriching children’s imaginations and hearts

As with singing a lullaby, children are more enriched by your stories, than anything already written in a book or tape. They hear your voice, feel your creativity and are wrapped in your connection to them. If the story is made up in the moment, the creativity is in the air. Their own imaginations have to make all the pictures in their head; this is an inspiring moment for you both! Telling stories also inadvertently teach children the skills to create stories themselves; a useful tool when they study English language at school. You are a real life model they can imitate. 

Tell stories because they are a treasure chest of imagination for your child. Tell stories in the car, out on walks, at bedtime. If your child is not interested, try changing the theme or timing.  Stories have the power to heal little worries and sadness. Everyone has an innate ability to tell stories. Humans have been telling stories around their campfires for generations! It is now time to weave your magic storyteller. In the beginning was the ‘word’…