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“It is the most accessible and inspiring book on parenting that I have read for a long time. I would not hesitate to recommend it.” Carol Liknaitzy (Parent of 5, grandparent, early childhood teacher training university lecturer RMIT)

Creative Discipline is a beautifully written, practical and sensitive approach to parenting young children. The advice is suitable for children with a wide range of developmental abilities. As a parent and paediatrician I have found it invaluable. I recommend it to parents in my practice with very positive results.” Elisa Rough (Paediatrician and parent)

“Lou has a deep respect for children…” Kay Watts (Producer of Wonder World Media Network, 3WBC 94.1FM)

“Lou Harvey-Zahra will lighten the load and enlighten the mind…” John Allison (Educational consultant, Rudolf Steiner teacher, author and parent)

“Lou’s Steiner background is evident in the sensitivity with which she writes and her understanding of the developing child and their needs.” Bettye Palmer (Maternal childcare nurse and director of the Gabriel Centre)

“Inspiring, practical, could not be better!” Stephanie Tighe (Port Phillip Bay co-ordinating librarian, reporting parent feedback, August 2011)

“At last a discipline book that does not mention time out, rewards and punishments. I have finished the book and enjoyed every page! ” Caroline Anderson (Child psychologist, family therapist  and parent)

“Thanks for keeping the enthusiasm alive and reminding me of the simple things” Sharee Logan (Child psychologist)

Creative Discipline is full of inspiring and practical. It is one book parents will take off the shelf, over and over again!” Many Abbot (Kindergarten teacher and parent)

“I invited Lou to talk at Yandell Kindergarten. The evening talk promoted a lot of questions and discussion and parents were really grateful for the input they received.” Robyn Iddles (Kindergarten teacher and parent)

“Unique and powerful, a real-life mum with real-life strategies and answers: put the ideas into motion and improve your family life.” Bridy (co-author of Low to No Additive Family Cookbook) and Gary Fulvio

“In my experience, creative discipline for children works like a charm. Lou Harvey-Zahra reveals the perfect solutions for parents of the new millennium toddlers and preschoolers who are seeking a family lifestyle that is conducive to success in these challenging times whilst providing comfort, joy, harmony, and respect for their growing children and the complex world they have inherited.” Miranda lacy (Mother of three and playgroup leader)

“I think Creative Discipline is great, with really sensible, practical advice and instantly readable. I have tested the creative discipline techniques on my partner, who is a bit of a disciplinarian, and he has agreed with them all!” Michelle Tuckwood (Mother of two and high school teacher)

As a children’s nanny I have learnt useful play ideas for the children in my care. I can understand challenging moments in a different light and deal with them in appositive manner.” Katie Mckie (Children’s Nanny)

“After reading Creative Discipline, Connected Family I realised how easy it can be to transform daily life so that it meets both the parents’ and child’s needs. This book is full of insights and common sense advice that seems to have been forgotten in our busy lives, and will be a great resource for even the most creative parents. It is full of clever ideas and easy tips to help you to start enjoying and caring for your children in a positive way.” Rebecca Landy (Mother and children’s photographer)

“My friend said that Lou’s books are the best parenting book that she had ever read!”   Sally Jones (Parent)

“By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of your articles on the website. Blown away by the success of the getting dressed strategies – I pretended the clothes were talking to my two-and-a-half year old daughter using lots of different voices. She loved it and sat quietly on my lap while we played the talking clothes game. Wow, that beats the logger head stand offs we’ve had the past months. Then my daughter and 4 year old son had a ball as we played restaurants. They cooperated beautifully as they set up the restaurant and played together as I had to quickly do jobs about the house and get ready for an outing. I am so inspired and impressed by your advice! What a great taster for the upcoming workshop” Veronica O’Brien (parent)

“I am excited to get home and start parenting!” Jane Miglic (Parent)

“Just wanted to give you a big cyber-hug and thank you – I read your book from cover to cover last night and I already feel SO much more confident about parenting my 18mth old daughter. Your approach really resonated with me and confirmed what I already felt about how I want the next few years to be in my home. The practical suggestions and examples were spot on too.” Christine Micah, (Parent)

“Your presentation at Coburg Library last Tuesday night was sensational! You are a terrific public speaker.” Sally Newnham (Parent)

“Today I am more relaxed around my son, and I am able to steer my parenting in the right direction so we are more in harmony with each other.  Becoming more aware of my son’s temperament, and my own too has freed me up to totally accept every part of his being, even the difficult parts – and now I feel I have more skills to bring out the best in him. All 3 workshops I attended have complimented each other beautifully giving me parenting tools for life!” Carolyn Charlton (Parent)

Creative Discipline is a really good book. The chapters are so friendly, personal and positive.” Tim Browning (Father of an adopted daughter)

“Also, just wanted to take the opportunity to say we really enjoyed the two workshops.  You have such passion and enthusiasm for what you teach and this in itself is very inspirational.  Attending the workshops was a wonderful opportunity to meet with other like-minded parents and a wonderful reminder of what we had read in your book.  Parenting consciously and creatively is such an important part of our lives and of the lives of those little ones most precious to us.  The venue was lovely, your baking was delicious and all in all we really enjoyed the experience.  So thank you, Lou.  If only there were more people like you and this type of education could reach all parents…..the world would be a better place!” Natalie and Joe Caruso (Parents)

“Your book has been wonderful to read.  I have two daughters, 2.5yrs and a six month old, so I’ve already put some of the information to good use!  It’s been wonderful to read such current and gentle yet effective methods of teaching children about boundaries and discipline and most importantly avoiding and/or reducing tantrums.  Already I’ve had success with my toddler and agree on all of your principles.  I had to buy the book as I know I will need to refer to it over the coming years.  So a very big thank you to you!” Kerry Chritchon (Prawn)

“Every parent should have this book! It always flies off the counter.” Melissa McGroaty (Honeybee Toys)

“My boys are now 4 and 2 and your ideas have helped me so much, I can’t even begin to tell you, or thank you enough!” Emma Gilmartin

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